Starlight and Dew Drops

The Limit

Jake’s super powers are that he can shape shift himself into an infinite amount of shapes.  In this episode the hotdog knights needed to be saved, but the quest also included getting a wish from a magic creature.  So Finn and Jake needed to get that Tandem elephant they wanted.  But during the quest Jake continuously 

stretches his body to a point where he physically feels pain (you can even see changes in his thickness).  Ward wanted for Adventure Time to be a show that was very realistic, like how the characters carry their swords or items on the outside.  So by having Jake thin out and feel pain in the show, hence the title “The Limit”, really shows that the characters actually exist in Ooo, they aren’t just imaginations in a fake setting.  You know?

Bad Timing

Ok! So I understand the episode now! LSP was the one who hadn’t logged Johnny’s molecules in the time capsule. So when she put Johnny in the capsule to send, both, he and she back in time, Johnny was lost in time and space. But nearing the end, in the psychedelic outer frame universe, you slowly start to a mass form into the dark blue loving lump of a man, Johnny, start to form. But by then, LSP had already logged her memory back to before she met Johnny. But sadly, Johnny was actually in love with her still, but had no chance of ever seeing her again. Which overly proves that Jake’s statement that Princess Bubblegum’s time capsule actually didn’t manipulate time, but instead she created a teleportation device that sends people to the universe we saw in the outer frame……